EMV Migration in the USA

The biggest economy in the world is now making the switch to EMV chip cards. The security and convenience offered by EMV versus magnetic stripe cards is immense. We can help you with a smooth transition reducing risk, complexity, cost and time-to-market during your EMV Migration process.

The EMV Liability Shift - Are You Ready?

American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa have outlined their roadmaps and deadlines for EMV in the USA. The first liability shift occured in April 2013. Creditcall is at the forefront of the U.S. EMV Migration effort. It is already working with U.S. hardware manufacturers to ensure that they have the critical Kernel Software to be EMV compliant, meaning U.S. payment terminals are capable of accepting EMV chip cards.

Creditcall's EMV Level 1 and Level 2 Software is already used in a broad range of terminals:

ChipDNA - the Simplest Way from A to EMV™

ChipDNA is a rapid EMV Migration SDK for Windows or Linux providing a pre-certified EMV Ready solution with a variety of attended and unattended PINpads that are certified and ready to go with a variety of Processors. For more details please visit our ChipDNA page or download our White Paper on everything ISVs, Integrators and VARs need to know about the U.S. EMV Migration.

EMV Experience and Reliability

Having helped usher in EMV in the UK, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and the European Union, Creditcall is ideally positioned to support the USA migration to EMV.

Key Strategic Partners

A successful U.S. migration requires technology know-how and collaboration across the payments ecosystem. To ensure a smooth transition in the USA, Creditcall has set up strategic partnerships with key organizations, including EMV Migration Forum, EMV Academy, as well as other critical users group. This collaboration and exchange of information and know-how among EMV experts will enable a speedy transition to EMV in the USA.

EMV Software Offering

EMV Level 1 Software Library EMV Level 2 Kernel           

The EMV Level 1 standard is a key global payment industry specification that defines the electrical, and physical interface between credit and debit cards and the payment terminal. It defines the software route that allows terminals to reliably communicate with cards.                  


The software that manages the transaction from card insertion through cardholder signature verification and online authorization is known as EMV Level 2 Kernel. Most card readers can be supplied with a Kernel from the manufacturer, however this is not always the best option.

EMVL1.LIB gives developers the tools they need to create a reliable, winning solution that cuts development time, and reduces costs.


Creditcall's EMV Level 2 Kernel range have been developed to suit most hardware platforms including Windows, Embedded, Java and Contactless.

Creditcall Payment Solutions

In addition to EMV library development, Creditcall processes since 1996 credit card transactions from self-service terminals, virtually anywhere in the world, such as parking and ticketing machines, smartphones, e-Commerce websites and the mail order industry.

To find out more, please take a look at About Us or visit www.creditcall.com

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The Trusted Source for EMV Software

Creditcall has become the industry source for reliable and independently certified EMV Software for contact and contactless card acceptance devices.

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