Fully Featured Contactless EMV Kernel

Contactless.LIB is designed specifically for terminal manufacturers and payment software developers wishing to add NFC and contactless card support to their payment applications such as Visa payWave, MasterCard & Maestro PayPass .

Key Highlights

Flexible EMV Contactless Kernel

The Contactless Kernel has been developed in strict ANSI C, with all of the hardware and operating system specific functionality abstracted away from the core functions, through the use of a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). This means that the Kernel can be ported to virtually any environment for which there is a suitable C compiler, whether it is adding contactless support to an existing embedded system running a proprietary operating system, or a new PC-based solution running the latest version of Windows.

The HAL contains a number of empty functions; each function deals with an element of contactless processing that cannot be addressed in a manner that is platform independent. Once these functions have been populated, the Kernel can be compiled for the target platform. The resulting object code can be linked with the payment application to create a fully functional contactless solution compliant with all necessary industry requirements.

Contactless Supported Features

Contactless.LIB supports a variety of data authentication, configuration, CVM methods and other special features within the contactless specifications.

Supported Cards

Visa payWave ­ qVSDC and MSD cards. MasterCard and Maestro PayPass ­ M/Chip and M/Stripe cards. Additional card schemes can easily be added using the EMV Entry Point mechanism.

Data Authentication Methods

Visa payWave ­ fast Dynamic Data Authentication (fDDA). MasterCard and Maestro PayPass ­ Static and Combined Data Authentication (SDA and CDA).

Terminal Configuration

Online Only, Offline with Online capability, and Offline Only.

Acquirer Interfaces

Authorization Request, Financial Transaction Request, Batch Data Capture, Online Data Capture.

Cardholder Verification Methods

Online Enciphered PIN, Signature, No CVM, Fail CVM and Visa Consumer Device CVM.


Certificate Revocation, Exception Lists.

Contactless.LIB Kernel Developer Documentation

For a list of full details supporting this product, please take a look at our Contactless.LIB Developer Documentation.

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