Visa update for EMV Chip implementation in the U.S.

Posted on: January 17th, 2012 by level_admin 1 Comment

Further to our recent blog article about the EMV cardholder verification methods (CVM) that are likely to be used during the EMV Chip implementation in the U.S., Visa have just published some additional guidance on their blog.

As we suggested, Visa are recommending that initially merchants in the USA should concentrate on online-only EMV solutions that do not need to support EMV offline PIN (where the PIN is checked by the card rather than the bank’s online host) – so whereas the rest of the world has typically implemented “Chip & PIN” solutions, in the USA it may be “Chip & Signature” instead.

We can help you reduce complexity, cost and time-to-market, to smoothly implement EMV in the U.S. Our EMV level 2 kernels are fully compliant with all the latest industry requirements for online or offline authorisation. They provide a simple but powerful way to add EMV level 2 functionality to attended (POS terminals, ticketing machines) and unattended (parking, vending, ATMs) card payment devices.

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