EMV White Papers

To help you better understand the complexities of EMV and to provide a knowledge base for your EMV Kernel development project, we have published a series of White Papers addressing common issues associated with EMV Migration. To receive our white papers, please fill in our download form.

The Ultimate EMV Cheat Sheet

July 2014 - Summary
Everything ISVs, integrators and VARs need to know about the U.S. EMV Migration.

How an EMV-Ready Payment Gateway Can Support Migration to Chip

April 2013 - Summary
With 1.62 billion EMV-compliant payments cards in use worldwide, EMV has transformed the payments landscape. The US is one of the last major economies to adopt EMV and faces imminent deadlines. One of the challenges for organizations throughout the payments ecosystem is the scale and cost of implementation. It requires every single terminal to be modified or replaced and banks to re-issue every credit and debit card. This NMI (formerly Creditcall) guide offers advice and best practice tips, drawing on experiences from EMV-compliant regions, to help merchants, integrators, VARs and processors through the technology shift.

Questions to Ask of any Company Providing EMV Level 2 Kernel Technology

April 2012 - Summary
This White Paper provides a list of questions payment device manufacturers and integrators need to consider when outsourcing an EMV Kernel project to a third party, highlighting pitfalls, risks and hidden cost.